I felt so comforted…

I want to express my extreme gratitude to Dr. Maggie and Dr. Kimberly of Compassionate Pet Vet!  Dr. Maggie, thank you for answering my Saturday email so promptly, but much more importantly than that, thank you for your compassionate and caring response. I felt so comforted and knew I had made the right decision to choose your team.

Dr. Kimberly arrived right on time and was so thoughtful, she called me from my front porch in case the doorbell or knocking would have disturbed my sweet Major.  Dr. Kimberly, I will forever be grateful for your kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, caring and your gentle and calming spirit. You made all the difference!

Concern for my well-being and his comfort were her only priority from beginning to end and every detail was thoughtful and meaningful.  She consulted with me on how I thought it was best for him and how I wanted to do things. So before she gave him his “feel good” meds she asked how I thought it would be best for him – distract him with tiny pieces of jerky which she brought with her or because he was so small, drop the meds into his mouth. And so we never disturbed his comfortable rest on his memory foam bed.

She knelt down beside me while I massaged Major and she gently gave him his “feel good” shot. He looked like he was smiling. Everything was more beautiful, respectful, gentle, peaceful, and graceful than I could have hoped for, even down to the tiny detail of having a soft, comfortable bed and blanket to carry him out and picking a few flowers to put in there with him.  In the secure area in the back of her vehicle where I laid him, it was beautifully arranged with succulents making that into a comfortable and peaceful place to put him (I asked to carry him out myself, that isn’t what they ask of their customers).

Forever grateful

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