As part of Dr. Maggie’s service, the following aftercare options are available to you. These options will be discussed with you during your initial conversation. 


Dr. Maggie has an arrangement with The Pet Loss Center of Austin which provides, to her clients, certain advantages that would not be available if you were to make your own arrangements.

These advantages include:

  • Transport for all cremations.
  • Initial contact and appointment set-up with the crematory.
  • On-going communication with the crematory until transport.
  • Little to no additional charge to our clients for transport after hours, on Sundays or Holidays.

For these advantages, there is a small service/transport fee in addition to the cost of the cremation. Cremation charges are set by the crematory. All charges are due (euthanasia, service/transport fee, and cremation charge) at your appointment.

If you should decide upon this option, the crematory will be immediately contacted to ensure that your needs will be met.

If you should change your mind at a later time, the service fee of $26.00 will still apply, however any transport fee, if applicable, will be is waived. 

Private Cremation

Private cremation means that your pet will be cremated individually and completely alone (no co-mingling of ashes). The ashes will be returned to you.

The private cremation package includes the following:

  • Coordination of transport (so that after your pet has passed and you are ready; transport of your pet will occur).
  • Use of a memorial room.
  • Clipping of your pet’s fur and a paw print (clay or ink).
  • Complete tracking of your pet through the entire process from transport to return of ashes.
  • A beautiful cherry wood urn with nameplate.
  • A mini blooming remembrance package.
  • A remembrance pin.
  • Supportive literature on the grieving process.

The Pet Loss Center of Austin will contact you when the process is complete (generally this process takes seven (7) days).

Communal Cremation

Communal cremation means that your pet will be cremated with other beloved pets. The ashes will not be returned to you.

The communal cremation package includes the following:

  • Transport (a small fee is charged).
  • Clipping of your pet’s fur upon request.
  • Supportive literature on the grieving process.

The ashes will be disposed of in a respectful manner, at the discretion of The Pet Loss Center.

Natural Burial

The Pet Loss Center of Austin can provide information for a natural burial; please contact them directly.

Home Burial

You may elect to bury your pet at your home.

Things to Consider for a Home Burial:

  • Check your city/county ordinances for restrictions.
  • Call your local utilities office to come mark your yard. There may be gas lines or water lines buried underground.
  • Consider future additions when choosing a location.
  • Wrap your loved one in a small blanket, t-shirt, or pillowcase.  Avoid any kind of plastics.
  • An urn or box is not necessary unless you have something particular in mind.
  • Adequate depth is three to five feet.
  • At least two feet of soil should be on top of the body.
  • If you need to delay the burial, you may want to place your pet’s body in an airtight plastic container and put your pet in a refrigerator or freezer.