As part of Dr. Maggie’s service, the following aftercare options are available to you. These options will be discussed with you during your pre-appointment conversations with our Care Team. However if you should have any last moment concerns, Dr. Maggie or Dr. Danielle will be there to answer them for you at the time of your appointment. 



Dr. Maggie has an arrangement with Fond Memories of Austin, which provides, to her clients, certain advantages:

These advantages include:

  • Coordination of cremation on your behalf.
  • When you are ready, coordination of transport after euthanasia to Fond Memories of Austin.
  • Knowing that your pet will be respectfully and gently handled at all times.
  • Individual tracking of your pet throughout the cremation process so there is no doubt when your pet was cremated and, if you are receiving cremains back.  you are assured that they are yours.
  • Little to no additional charge to our clients for transport after hours, on Sundays or Holidays.
  • No pressure to purchase additional products or keepsakes unless it is at the client’s request.

It is our goal, when possible, that aftercare decisions and payment for services are completed prior to your appointment enabling you to focus in these last precious moments on your beloved friend. However if this is not possible, please note that payment for all services are due in full no-later-than time of appointment.

In full disclosure, Dr. Maggie does charge a small fee for the coordination of this service on your behalf. Cremation charges are set by Fond Memories of Austin.


Private Cremation

Private cremation means that your pet will be cremated individually (no co-mingling of cremains). Any items that are transported with your pet to Fond Memories of Austin will be cremated with them; nothing can be returned to you. Once your beloved pet is in transport to the crematorium, the contract for cremation services is between Fond Memories of Austin and yourself.

Fond Memories of Austin will contact you after completion of their process to arrange for cremation pick-up. This process generally takes 5-7 business days. If at any time during this process you have questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact Fond Memories of Austin directly at (512) 836-7297.

Private Options:

Keepsake Option: This options includes a Rosewood Urn, engraved brass nameplate, white clay paw print, fur clipping, certificate of death, grief support information and premium return packaging.

Scattering Option: This option includes a scattering tube enclosed in a beautiful container, certificate of death, grief support information and premium return packaging.

In order to assist you with your private aftercare decision, our Care Team will connect with you to discuss any questions you might have, and send pictures of the different options, prior to your appointment to ensure that your choice is honored.


Communal Cremation

Communal cremation means that your pet will be gently placed, with other beloved pets, and cremated together.  The collective cremains will then be gathered and transported, with the utmost respect, to Fond Memories Pet Cemetery in Conroe, Texas, where they will be scattered. You are always welcome to visit.


Home Burial

You may elect to bury your pet at your home.

Things to Consider for a Home Burial:

  • Check your city/county ordinances for restrictions.
  • Call your local utilities office to come mark your yard. There may be gas lines or water lines buried underground.
  • Consider future additions when choosing a location.
  • Wrap your loved one in a small blanket, t-shirt, or pillowcase.  Avoid any kind of plastics.
  • An urn or box is not necessary unless you have something particular in mind.
  • Adequate depth is three to five feet.
  • At least two feet of soil should be on top of the body.
  • If you need to delay the burial, you may want to place your pet’s body in an airtight plastic container and put your pet in a refrigerator or freezer.