Meet the Care Team

Meet Dr. Maggie

Dr. Margaret (Maggie) MacDonald was born in Dallas, Texas. Caring for and loving animals comes naturally to her; as her father was also a veterinarian. His house call practice took him to the homes of his clients with little Maggie in tow. She remembers from about 3 years on, going to “work” with her Papa. He never hesitated putting her to “work”, even having her hold tight to surgical instruments during surgery!  At home there was always a wide variety of animals to love and care for as well, from the traditional dogs and cats to squirrels, donkeys, and the occasional injured armadillo.

As a young college graduate she spent time as a hiking guide in Alaska, but then returned home to prepare for the job she loved. She graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. After graduation, she moved off to explore New England and began her career in private practice.

In 2008, Dr. Maggie was practicing in Boston and her sweet, elderly dog and companion of 15 years, Sam, was suffering. She wanted his passing to be comfortable, peaceful and with family. She realized that she was lucky. She could offer this to her pet, but what about other pet owners who loved their pets as much as she loved Sam, but could not provide this final gift?  It was in that moment, that she realized that she could provide the gift of a loving passing for a beloved pet to other owners, and so she began to offer in-home euthanasia.

After too many long, cold winters away from her family, Dr. Maggie returned to her home state of Texas in 2010, settling in Austin. Since returning, she has worked as a surgeon for local non-profits and shelters and offered in-home euthanasia in her spare time. In 2015, Dr. Maggie formed her own business that is for the exclusive purpose of providing pet owners the option of in-home euthanasia.


Professional Associations

Dr. Maggie was honored with the Award of Excellence in Recognition of Outstanding Veterinary Service by the Morris Animal Foundation.

Dr. Maggie is featured in the children’s book, ‘Yesterday Was Weird’. A story, told from a dog’s point of view, of  growing old and being provided in-home euthanasia.

Meet Dr. Danielle

Dr. Danielle Chapman is a British native who has lived in the states for more than 25 years, but you can still hear a slight British accent!  She moved to California as a teenager and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and then Michigan State University, where she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

A highly experienced veterinarian with 20 years in practice, Dr. Chapman has worked in various cities across the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and New York.  Highly experienced with home visits, Dr. Chapman has been treating pets in the comfort of their homes since 2010.

Dr. Chapman is committed to staying up to date with the latest in veterinary medicine, and regularly attends continuing education conferences throughout the year.   Similarly, she always reserves some time each week to work in veterinary clinics, believing it’s important to stay sharp with her surgical and emergency medicine skills.

She lives in Austin with her husband and two toddlers.  She enjoys yoga in her spare time and loves to hike, play tennis and travel. She is also a certified teacher. 

Fun fact, Dr. Chapman’s little terrier mix, Bella, has traveled with her across the world and even has her own passport!

Professional Associations

Dr. Chapman is a member of a number of relevant bodies, including AVMA, SCVMA, NYCVMA and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK.

I knew Dr. Danielle was a kindred spirit when we met and bonded over our love of the British Vet and author James Herriot. It has been a joy to bring her on to our team. Danielle’s positivity, dedication to constant learning, and “can do” attitude are an inspiration to me!”   – Dr. Maggie

Meet Glynis

When it became necessary to bring additional help to Dr. Maggie’s team, she was very conscious of the importance of the role of Care Coordinator. It was essential that this person would be an animal lover, compassionate, empathetic, and someone who absolutely understood what a difficult decision was being made by our clients. After much thought there was only one possible answer, a person that she had known all her life: her sister.

Glynis (pronounced Glennis) MacDonald Schultz joined the Compassionate Pet Vet team in January 2018 as the Care Coordinator. Glynis is the voice that greets you when you are in need of our services. She will listen to your concerns, explain our services, and convey your wishes/concerns to Dr. Maggie and/or Dr. Kimberly. She is the voice on the other side of the phone/text that is there for you when Dr. Maggie and Dr. Kimberly are on appointments. She is committed to making this difficult time as smooth as possible for you and your loved one.

“I could not be happier than to have my sister as a part of our team. Hers is usually the first voice you hear when contacting us. Glynis is a loving and compassionate person and these qualities are evident as she  assists you during this difficult time.”         – Dr. Maggie

Meet Jillian

Jillian met Dr. Maggie twice: first when “The Compassionate Pet Vet” (Dr. Maggie) helped her kitty-soulmate, Cooper the cat, transition; and again at a mutual friend’s gathering, where the “where do I know you from?” game had a somewhat unique ending. Despite the world’s saddest meet; Jillian and Dr. Maggie became fast friends.  

Jillian, a native Austinite who joined the Compassionate Pet Vet team in March 2021 as a Care Coordinator, is a devout cat whisperer and advocate for all animals. She feels strongly that the care we offer our pets at end-of-life is one of the best demonstrations of our love for them and she brings compassion and understanding to every interaction she has. 

“I often say one of the things I love most about this work is that every day it introduces me to “my people.”  People who are sensitive and empathetic and compassionate about animals.  Jillian certainly fits that description! She is a wonderful addition to our team.”                    – Dr. Maggie