Preparing the Space and Environment

The entire Compassionate Pet Vet Care Team is available to assist you in preparing for this most difficult appointment. Prior to your appointment, you will have had a detailed conversation regarding what to expect and what you would like, and, then again, at the appointed time.

Here are examples of the types of things you should consider:

  • Who will be present? What family members are able to and/or want to attend?
  • Who will be able to provide good emotional support for you and your pet?
  • Will you feel comfortable being present for the procedure? Or, perhaps for part of the procedure? Or, maybe none at all?
  • Consider your children’s presence. Explore this further on our FAQ page.
  • Consider other household pets? Explore this further on our FAQ page.
  • Where do you want the procedure to be done? Where will you, your family and your pet be most comfortable? Will it be outside under your pet’s favorite tree, inside on his bed, on the couch? Will you want the lights dimmed, candles burning, soft music playing? Or perhaps you will find yourself and your pet most comfortable in “the usual” lighting, and ambiance of your home. Will you want the procedure to be done at a park or some other place? These are all possibilities depending on what you, your family and your pet will feel most comfortable with. It is important to note that the euthanasia will go more peacefully for your pet in a quiet, soft environment with minimal distractions.
  • Would you like to have something read or said before, during, or after the procedure. Would you like to have prayers said? Would you like to express your thanks to your pet for his or her life and the joy he or she has brought? Is there a special poem you would like to read?
  • Will you want to keep your pet’s collar and tags? If so, and if you have chosen to have Compassionate Pet Vet arrange aftercare, it will be important to take them off before your pet is gently carried away.

If you have any concerns that your cat will be difficult for you to find or will hide from a stranger, it is requested that, about an hour before the appointment, you safely place your sweet cat in a small room with no place to hide (underneath couches, beds, and behind furniture are common favorites). It is best not to have to coerce or pull cats out from these types of places, as this can make them feel threatened. A small, confined space such as a bathroom usually works best for these types of kitties.

After your pet has passed away it is not uncommon for some voiding of urine, and occasionally stool. This is normal. The veterinarians will bring an absorbent, disposable pad to slip under your pet after he is asleep, however, you may want to plan on having additional old towels or a potty pad readily available to slide under your pet after his passing. This will help to preserve your couch or carpet from stains and odors. For more on this please read “The Look of Death.

This sounds like a lot of things to remember and consider during a time of stress and grief. Don’t worry; the Care Team will be there every step of the way to help you.