What to Expect

In-Home Euthanasia Service Includes:

  • Personalized Service
  • Phone Consultation
  • A Review of your Pet’s Medical History
  • Appointment
  • A Minimally Invasive Examination
  • Sedation
  • Humane Euthanasia
  • Coordination of Aftercare if desired
  • Notification to your family veterinarian of your pet’s passing if desired

Our Care Team will respond to your inquiry. They will listen to your concerns, ascertain information needed, review your pet’s medical history, and answer any questions you might have. They will go over the process, and together you will decide how to integrate it appropriately for your unique situation. If they is not available to respond or if they feel that you need to speak with a vet; a vet will contact you. At the close of the conversation you will have decided upon an appointment time and place, fees, and an aftercare option.

The veternian will arrive at the appointed time and place. She will meet with you and your family, answer any additional questions you might have and confirm your pet’s medical history. She will review your chosen aftercare option and the fee structure. Although these items have been previously discussed, it is understandable that in a time of stress it is easy to become confused or to change one’s mind, and that is OK.  You will be asked to complete the appropriate paperwork.

If your pet still has an appetite, it is a good idea to have some tasty treats nearby.  A nice bite of something really tasty like bacon, ham or cheese fed at the time of the injection will be enough of a distraction so that your pet will not notice the pinch of the needle.  Plus it is a nice farewell treat for your pet.

When your pet, you and your family are ready, the vet will proceed.  First, she will conduct a simple minimally invasive exam, making every attempt to minimize handling, restraint, and discomfort.

Next a sedative is administered to help relax your pet. This is a nice mixture of a pain killer, similar to Morphine, and an anesthetic drug.  This injection is administered into the muscle of the rear leg.  A very small needle will be used to minimize any pain or discomfort associated with this small injection.  It is usually a very peaceful experience, much like watching your animal drift off to sleep.

Within a few minutes, your pet will be asleep.  The vet will then inject the euthanasia solution intravenously. It is painless to the animal, and acts very quickly to stop the heart.  the veterinarian will listen carefully to your pet’s heart to ensure it has stopped.

At this point, if we are not coordinating your aftercare, the appointment is over. If we are coordinating your aftercare, the vet will wait until you have said your final farewell to your beloved pet before preceding with the aftercare process.