I wanted to share was their professionalism…Glynis responded…

It was with a heavy heart that I reached out to Compassionate Pet Vet. My companion was sick and I wanted her to be able to go in peace in our home with me and my husband holding her. I emailed Compassionate Pet Vet, after business hours, asking for their availability for the next week.  I didn’t expect a response, but they did immediately. They continued to talk to me over the night and into the following morning as my Polly began to deteriorate quickly. Unfortunately we couldn’t use their services because she got so bad so quickly we had to resort to emergency measures. However, I know it would have been beautiful and peaceful with Compassionate Pet Vet.  What I wanted to share was their professionalism and compassion towards me. Glynis responded to me as things got worse and kept pushing up the appointment to be there to help us. Her kind and gentle demeanor helped during a very stressful time. They showed compassion towards me and I will forever be grateful.

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