Thank you all for what you do…

I just want to take a moment out of this busy Monday to thank Dr. Kimberly for her gentle yet confident way of being present with our old man Schrayman as he exited this world and headed on to his next adventure. We were referred to Compassionate Pet Vet by Dr. Sara Schaubert. Sara had helped us years ago and the experience was so amazing that we knew that we would always choose home euthanasia if possible. She was unable to help and confidently recommended two different folks and we chose CPV. I am very happy we did as I found the experience as powerful as it had been with our Little Eddy years ago. I also really loved the two men that came from the Pet Loss Center with  their big basket and blankets to take our man away. Thank you all for what you do and I’m sure we will meet again. Sincerely,
Katy, Paige, Waylon and Kona

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