What a gift Dr. Maggie gives to her clients.

This testimonial is quite overdue as we said goodbye to our dear pup Scout just before Christmas, 2017. And yet the feelings of appreciation for Dr Maggie linger on and on. Scout was 17! She’d had a good long life with us. She was our cat in a dog costume. She was our Scooter Pie. She was a good girl. And at 17, she was tired. Her sight was failing, as was her hearing. She was all lumpy and bumpy with those fatty deposits that some dogs get as they age. She’d taught Fenway, that pesky pup we brought home when she was just 3 1/2 lbs, how to be a good pup. I remember when we first brought scrappy little trailer park Fenway home – she was so tiny that Scout didn’t even realize she was a dog! And the look of realization on Scout’s face when that little blob first barked was precious. Oh! She’s a DOG! Anyway, once Fenway stopped being completely annoying, they became fast friends. Scout would always let Fenway – big 90 lb in-your-face Fenway – _think_ Fenway was in charge. But we all knew the truth.

Anyway, enough reminiscing and back to Dr. Maggie. I really wish everyone could experience a departure from life under the compassionate and calm influence of Dr. Maggie. And I’m not just talking about dogs. She is amazingly kind and intuitive – truly a gift for our dogs. A few things – 1) Dr. Maggie came to our house within a day of us calling her. This is so important because it’s such a tough and heartbreaking decision to make and she understands that once you make it, it is best to move quickly. 2) despite being quick to attend to Scout, there was absolutely no sense of rush to the whole experience. Dr. Maggie was calm and patient and respectful through the entire visit. 3) Dr. Maggie came to us – which is the most relaxed and comfortable environment for all of us. No stainless steel, antiseptic office, no fluorescent lights. Just our own home, which Scout had lived in all of her 17 years.

What a gift Dr. Maggie gives to her clients. I give my highest recommendation for Compassionate Vet. We should all be so lucky as to exit this life in such a loving way.

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