Yesterday was a tough day. 

Yesterday was a tough day.  We had to say goodbye to our sweet Jabba Girl after her being part of the family for 14 years.

Jabba was one of the most loving dogs and loved to get in your way, especially in the later years.  Can’t tell you how many times I had to climb over her to get to the bathroom in the year I have been working from home.

My best friend recommended y’all and I’m so thankful she did.

Dr. Kimberly walked in yesterday and I instantly felt better about this.  She talked to Jabba and got her comfortable with her before she did anything and was gracious when our beast Daisy came barreling in from outside.

Not once did we feel rushed with our goodbyes and she was absolutely amazing

Our old lady is no longer in pain and that is the most important thing.

Dr. Kimberly thank you so much for everything you did for Jabba and us!

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