In lasting gratitude.

Russ and I would like to thank Dr. Kimberly for her incredibly caring visit with us week before last. The loss of Bodie has hit us so hard, and we miss him terribly. It’s an unfathomable heartache. But knowing that his final moments were pain-free and stress-free mean so much to us. We are indebted to you for that.

Thank you also for partnering with The Pet Loss Center. The two young men who attended to Bodie were professional, respectful, and gentle. We appreciated being able to assist in placing him in the basket and having a few more quiet moments with him. Bodie’s ashes were presented to us in the most beautiful cedar box, and his paw print is perfect.

Determining the right time to end an ill pet’s life is not an experience that anyone ever desires to have. But we couldn’t imagine having a beloved pet leave our lives without us by their side. Your team truly lives up to its name of Compassionate Pet Vets. Your job has to be one of the hardest, most heart-wrenching ever conceived. But we are so thankful that you do it. In lasting gratitude.

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