We are writing to express our deepest gratitude…

On Monday, October 5, Dr. Kimberly came to our home to provide her services to our beloved black lab, Emma. We are writing to express our deepest gratitude for being so kind and patient with all of us. Despite the circumstances, we feel that things could not have gone better for that moment.
Emma lived a beautiful life of 14.5 years, and we had her for the majority of our relationship so far (a little over 14.5 years). Emma was born in April 2006, and just a few months later, we adopted her from her foster mom in Dayton, Texas. She lived in Lena’s apartment in Waco during our time at Baylor, and continued to live with Lena in Greensboro, North Carolina for years while Lena did graduate work there and Greg did his graduate work many miles away in Lubbock, Texas. Of course, we took every opportunity to reconvene during those long years. In 2012, we got married and finally found ourselves together in west Texas before all moving to Austin in 2013. We’ve been in the area since then. Emma endured all of that and so much more with us. Her personality was so loving, heartwarming, and sweet, and she taught us both how to be better people.
We’ll treasure many happy memories with Emma, and she is always with us. It would be a true reassurance to think that the end of our human lives might be as filled with the kindness, care, and compassion that you showed her. We can only hope.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being there. Many thanks also to Glynis and Dr. Maggie for keeping in touch in the days leading up to your visit.

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