Thank you all for offering this service.

Dr. Maggie helped our 15-year old Pasha cross the rainbow bridge peacefully in our home on October 9.  Pasha was the center of our lives, our anchor, and our soulmate for 15 years.

Pasha was also fearful of people and territorial. Her body had given out but not her fiery spirit. With Pasha’s special needs in mind, both Dr. Maggie and Dr. Kimberly provided excellent, wise advise in the days leading up to her appointment which we followed. As a result, Pasha was relaxed and comfortable. While Dr. Maggie delivered the injection, I was able to spoon Pasha on her favorite spot on the floor while my husband massaged her head and kissed her. I wish that every living being could pass as peacefully as our sweet Pasha did, thanks to Dr. Maggie. Also thank you to Jasmin who was incredibly responsive.  We also thank Michael whose bedside manner and level of professionalism and compassion is incredibly admirable.  Thank you all for offering this service. We are so grateful to all of you.

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